I’m afraid I am no longer accepting any patients at this time and have closed the practice. (21/09/22)


Welcome to Hertfordshire Women’s Health!

Hertfordshire Women’s Health is a specialist Physiotherapy clinic dealing with the detailed assessment and treatment of pelvic floor problems of women in St Albans and Harpenden and the surrounding locality. Such pelvic floor problems may present as incontinence with sneezing, coughing or jumping or you may have symptoms of a vaginal prolapse, such as a dragging, heavy feeling in the vagina and/or awareness of a bulge in the area. You may pass wind when you were trying to control the urge to. There are many other symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, see conditions treated, however, many of these symptoms can be significantly improved, if not cured, with Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

Whether this be during pregnancy, in the postnatal period or at any stage of adult life, Hertfordshire Women’s Health’s experienced Physiotherapist, Erica Lewis, provides a thorough and evidence-based assessment and treatment of your pelvic floor. Erica is a highly specialised Women’s Health Physiotherapist and will provide the most appropriate treatment for you. Home exercises and advice will be given to enhance your recovery.

Private, confidential appointments are available as a one-off hour long session or over a number of appointments, depending on need.

Hertfordshire Women’s Health puts you at ease whilst treating what is often a sensitive condition that has a great impact on quality of life. Please contact Erica for more information or to book your first appointment.

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